Area 61 [Part One-Point-Two]


[A little sci-fi story telling – don’t forgot to check out the origin of the crippling Area 61 conspiracy so you don’t get entangled in the very loose narrative thread…]

July 17th 2016 – video entry nine hundred and eleven.

I fear this will be my last entry for quite some time. Maybe ever. I’m flying to Illinois tomorrow for this rally and to be honest, I’m not optimistic. I was born innocent and bullied into a purebred skeptic. And I’m feeling pretty goddam skeptical now. 

I’m going to confront the mayor. The freaking MAYOR of New York, the guy winning the race to The Oval and I’m gonna saunter over, find my way to a mic and call him out on being part of a devious, shapeshifting alien race that’s infested our planet. Brilliant. Bound to go off without a blasted hitch. 

But,  I suppose I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’ve got the fail-safe described in log 910. At least that’ll get the findings out there. Hopefully there’s at least one person who won’t show it complete disdain… But that’s a last resort. These…creatures are obviously smart. Brilliant. If they’ve chosen chess over archery so far, there’s a reason for that and they won’t throw it away attacking the conspiracy nut at the rally. Hopefully. Oh well. It’s nearly 2am and I’m up in 5 freakin’ hou-

“And that’s where the footage cuts,” explained Geoffrey Lacker, chief security consultant to the president.

A few moments passed in terse silence, then “And this fail-safe he mentions – do we know where or even what it is?”

Lacker replied curtly and deferentially, “In short, no. We believe the failsafe to be an electronic cache of documents, video files such as this one and all the proof he claims to have obtained. We expect it will – on some trigger, likely time-based – be uploaded to a range of major file-sharing websites but no trace of this ‘log 910’ has been found.”

The rest went unsaid. If released, this work would be catastrophic to current White House planning. Decades of labor, planning and deception.

“Find him. If we’re going to stop a goddamn war, then find him and bring him here.” A hard light glinted in the President’s eye.

“And he’d better still be alive when you do.”


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