[sat down to write and after 4 minutes had produced this. thought i’d keep it in its rough, coarse-edged state up here. i mean who has time for proofing, really? 😉 ]

So it begins.
You and I
on a field of green
staring. You stand in formation,
and ready
protecting the real prize:
my black enemy.

The ice cracks,
stalemate becomes engagement
as we collide.
I glance off you,
a minor scattering
and return,
behind mine own shields.

Slowly, deftly I pick away:
first one, then another.
Fifteen by the end
succumbed to my touch.
Five more in succession
and unyielding.

So it ends.
You and I,
on a field of green,
staring. You lie helpless,
and alone
with your end

We collide once, hard
and all is silence.
I slowly stop rolling
and come to a stop,
and still, waiting.

Next frame?


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