A Totally Original Story

[this is the product of me being on a posting-every-day streak and exhausting my half-decent ideas on another project. enjoy!*]

Once upon a while ago a young lady sat grooming her hair. Her comb was brushed with gold and the mirror beaten of the finest silver in the land. Each knot removed and the flowing earth-brown falls cascading once more down her shoulders she heaved a great sigh.

“Will they never let me be myself? One day and soon I’m going to spread my wings and soar up and out of this castle and be free.” she spoke aloud to her empty chambers.

Unbeknownst to this young woman an astral collidae – the complete alignment of all of the orbiting moons – occurred at the moment she spoke her soft, fatal words. The collidae imbued her words with a dreadful magic and in the dead of night, the peaceful fabric of the palace was rent apart by the blood-freezing scream of inconceivable agony.

Vast leathery wings erupted through from her back, tearing her shift to revealing shreds and spurting blood across the floor. Her transformation complete she turned and walked  with measured steps toward the window. At the site of the cruel, bitter moons she wept. Before any could approach and offer comfort her expression transformed to one of absolute, unyielding pain. She threw herself with violent force through the glass pain and – wings beating furiously – flew up on in to the night.

The queen herself ran through the night, slipping on the cobbles and half-blind to the home of Florian. Florian was the mightiest hero in the land and was engaged to-be-married to our young Princess. Hearing the news he strapped on his sword, took a swig of wine, mounted his snow-white mare and raced off in to the night.

Firedeath Mound. She has to be there. It was a resting place for all forms of evil. He would find her, slay the demon inside and bring her home, ensuring their marriage.


The next morning the bloodied, ruined corpse of Florian was dumped in the middle of the palace grounds by a horrific winged demon. It bent down, gorged itself on his entrails and with a malicious grin at the stricken courtiers and royals she shot off in to the sun, truly unique.

She later returned and ransacked the entire town. No one lived happily ever after.

[*if you didn’t enjoy that, fair enough, but stick around for my next post. it’ll be good. i’ll make extra effort. just for you.]


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