Bottled Love


[Just a little one I wrote while paying less than the warranted amount of attention in class…]

You fill me up to the brim with joy,
You hold me in your hand.
Your lips to mine, I blush, I’m coy,
You never think me bland.

I hold it in, all bottled up,
My cold transparent soul.
With time I show my wrinkles not,
Though scratches take their toll.

You swirl me round and raise me high,
I worm right to your heart.
When I drop weight, or lose my head
You return me to the start.

Some days go by, you leave me discarded,
All that I have you’ve drained.
I’m empty now, you’re with that mug,
I’ve never known such pain.

One daylight comes, your thirst needs quenched,
You’ve need of me no more.
I’ve lost my head, you let me fall,
My lifeblood drowns the floor.

You’ll mop it up and wash the towels,
Then toss me in the trash.
I’m sure one day, you’ll find another,
I hope the next one lasts.
~A Letter From My Waterbottle


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